Modern Power Systems is an international monthly magazine that covers power plant and transmission and distribution technology, including the main developments in the topical issues that impact the global power generation industry.

Widely read by the key professionals throughout the world of electricity generation, it specialises in presenting the most significant engineering and commercial developments in an authoritative but accessible and literate style.

From advanced power plant and transmission design to repair and maintenance case studies, the magazine leads the way in covering cutting-edge developments in the power industry, including those aspects of the wider world that bear heavily on it, such as climate change and regulatory issues.

Its reputation as an authoritative and influential source is unparalleled in the industry, a reputation it owes primarily to the sustained integrity of its approach and the acknowledged expertise of its editorial management and contributors over its 29-year history.

Modern Power Systems provides in-depth independent coverage of power plant and transmission and distribution technology.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Modern Power Systems is the journal of choice for power industry professionals seeking the information they need to be effective in their roles.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Modern Power Systems is unrivalled as a vehicle for keeping up with cutting edge developments in the power industry.

In short it has become an established brand that is well recognised in the industry, while its combined print and digital circulation figures (print 12,400, digital 16,700) ensure that it reaches far and deep into the world’s power generation community.


The quality of its readership is of crucial importance to the magazine’s success. With over 1,100 paid subscribers, Modern Power Systems is the journal of choice for power industry professionals seeking the information they need to be effective in their roles.

Modern Power Systems is sent to over 12,000 management and senior executives in key positions in the industry. Its readers are found in more than 120 countries worldwide, distributed mainly, but not exclusively, in the Americas (mostly in the USA), Asia and Europe with roughly 3,500 readers and subscribers in each of those regions.

These readers are responsible for planning, specifying, designing, purchasing or operating power generation, distribution and transmission systems or ancillary equipment. They largely concentrated in major electrical energy planning and producing organisations, power supply utilities, government power planning departments and consulting / architects engineering concerns as well as industrial producers of electrical energy and users of private generating plants.

Many readers are also to be found in areas tangential to the power industry but whose work requires them to be constantly in touch with the latest technical, regulatory and politico-economic developments within it.


Equally important is the magazine’s extensive reach. In addition to the circulation of its distributed copies the magazine has over 16,000 digital subscribers, half of whom are resident in the Americas and a third in Europe.

It has an informative website with an enormous archived library, news sections and information specifics in key areas such as tender offers, and it publishes weekly email newsletters covering topical and technical developments as they happen.

It has published a long series of power station diagrammatic wall charts that are a familiar sight in control rooms all over the globe. It also organises several conferences each year, which helps to spread more widely the influence of the magazine and raise the profile of its advertisers and contributors.

Chinese and Russian language supplements are published on a regular basis.