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Turbine Repairs

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Reliable Turbine Services, Inc. has been providing a broad range of services, both in-shop and on-site for the power industry, for over 24 years. Our senior staff have over 100 years of experience with GE, BBC, ABB, Siemens and Westinghouse as well as many other leading manufacturers. We specialize in repairing power turbine designs from 5MW to over 1000MW.

Turbine repair services for the power industry

Our turbine repair services include:

  • Removal and installation of blading
  • Steam and gas path component refurbishing
  • Certified weld repairs
  • Rotor repairs
  • A variety of machining operations

We manufacture steam turbine after market replacement blades, seals and many other components for most OEM equipment to customer supplied drawings or reverse engineered from actual samples. Replacement components are manufactured in-shop or by a qualified subcontractor to meet RTS quality specifications.

We also perform component and parts inspection on behalf of the customer prior to shipment from the manufacturer. These include QC package verification, dimensional checks, etc.

Final cover machining after removal and installation of two rows of GE 33in last stage buckets.
Line boring a coupler to facilitate installation of retrofit hydraulic bolts.
Drilling and removal of 5in diameter stud.
Complete refurbishment of GE nozzle plate.
Large steam turbine repair project in progress.

Our services also include turbine rotor and casing repairs, reverse engineering, retrofitting and rotor straightening.

We provide technical manuals for blade removal and installations. We offer them for BBC, ABB, GE, Siemens, Westinghouse, Alstom, Toshiba, and most industrial turbine manufacturers

Turbine consulting and solutions

Whether you are faced with planned repairs or surprises during an outage, Reliable Turbine Services, Inc. delivers quick consulting and repair solutions for your turbine. It means having the right company when you need it, where you need it.

We offer major and minor repairs done on:

  • Nozzles
  • Diaphragms
  • Blade rings
  • Curtis and reversing rings

We can recommend any suitable repairs or carry out your individual specifications, including:

  • Complete partition repair
  • Visual inspections
  • Complete area checks
  • T.I.R’s, flatness, roundness, drop, horizontal, and dishing checks
  • Expert installation of seals, spill strips and shaft packing
  • Bucket removal and installation
  • Tenon welding and repair
  • Shroud cover repairs and replacement
  • Tie wire repairs and replacement
  • Lashing lug weld and repair
  • Installation of erosion shields

We also provide weld build-up, machining and refurbishment of:

  • Steam seal faces, joint faces
  • Appendages and set-back faces
  • Packing and spill strip fits
  • Radial and axial seals and crush pins
  • Turbine shells and casings

Technical services

Our technical services include:

  • Technical direction
  • Laser alignment
  • Steam path audits
  • Reverse engineering
  • Outage planning
  • Scheduling
  • Job management

We can assist you with other parts and services you may require, such as:

  • Packing
  • Spill strips
  • Blades
  • Seals
  • Valve parts
  • Special coatings, etc

We provide steam path repair and replacement procedures that are proven to enable nozzle, diaphragm and rotating blades to perform reliably and efficiently over today’s longer operating cycles.

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