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SIPA Powertech

Power Plant Consultancy Services

Königstrasse 79,
D- 47198 Duisburg,

Königstrasse 79,
D- 47198 Duisburg,

SIPA Powertech provides a complete range of services for combined cycle power plants (CCPP), including gas turbines, heat recovery steam generators (HRSG), steam turbines, generators and auxiliaries.

Services include operation and maintenance (O&M), long-term service agreement (LTSA) and troubleshooting such as vibration analysis or fuel conversion for gas turbines, providing capital parts and consumables.

CCPP operation and maintenance

With specialist machining tools, SIPA has the capability to machine rotors up to 150t on-site to reduce outage time and eliminate damage risk during transportation. Turbine heating systems are available for a shorter starting time.

With our online monitoring system SAMS, we are able to analyse vibration faults in a very short time and increase power plant efficiency and reliability.

We are experts in adapting existing control systems from Siemens and GE to local conditions for improved performance.

If a non-planned outage causes damages, our team of specialists can fix the power unit and recommend other optimal solutions. We also provide support with recourse and insurance claims.

Our qualified specialists offer a broad range of services, including commissioning, mechanical, instrumentation and control (I&C), vibration tasks, balancing, valve overhaul, as well as site and project management.

Gas turbine delivery and maintenance

SIPA offers a full range of services and deliveries of Siemens SGT600, SGT1000, SGT 5-2000E and SGT 5-4000F gas turbines, including combustion chambers, blades, burners and air intake systems.

For vacuum issues with steam turbine condensers, we provide a hydrogen leak test to improve efficiency. We service hydrogen-cooled generators, adjust seal rings and reduce hydrogen losses.

We use an ultrasonic cleaning container for gas turbine burners to clean the burner fuel. SIPA employs an airflow distribution measurement system to calibrate burners to avoid combustion chamber humming.

CCPP relocation services

SIPA offers CCPP relocation services and manufactures capital parts during the re-engineering process.

Relocation projects are offered as part of an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract to reduce power plant downtime.

Thermal and combined heat power plant systems

We offer complete photovoltaic (PV) systems, including batteries for on and off-grid and hybrid systems to reduce fuel costs for thermal power plants.

Plants with a large free-land area could reduce their operating expenditure (OpEx) up to 30%.

For gas motors sector, we specialise in using biogas in combined heat power (CHP) plants with up to 20MW capacity. The CHP biogas plants are delivered in a container, pre-tested and ready for plug and play, which significantly decreases the installation time.

SIPA Powertech GmbH

Königstrasse 79

D- 47198 Duisburg