Telatek has more than 25 years of experience in implementing welding, thermal spraying and machining technologies in steam, gas and water turbine repairs. All repair work is carried out on-site with fast turnaround times.

Turbine repair services

We have refurbished more than 200 turbines both in nuclear and conventional power plants. Typical turbine repair projects include:

  • Cylinder walls
  • Division planes
  • Sealing faces of guide vane discs
  • Guide vane discs and brackets
  • Steam pipes
  • Steam valves and their parts
  • Rotor sealing faces and bearing areas
  • Babbitted bearings
  • Shafts

The benefits of turbine repairs for customers include longer maintenance intervals and extended turbine lifetime; shorter maintenance times and reduced downtime; and improved turbine capacity due to less leaks.

Power plant boiler panel coating and inspection

The floors and walls of power plant boilers and their superheater pipes are exposed to wear caused by erosion and corrosion during use.

Telatek provides on-site machining of steam turbine sealing.
HP steam turbine housing after thermal spray coating.
Coating of a boiler bed.
On-site machining of a rotor shaft in a turbine hall.

Telatek has developed and patented its CorCure and EroCure coatings, which significantly prolong the lifetime of these parts. The coatings are well-suited to extremely high operating temperatures.

Telatek has extensive experience in providing the most cost-effective and technically suitable coatings for various applications. Our selection of coatings is very extensive and our expert quality control guarantees the functionality of the coatings; for example, in soda recovery and waste heat boilers as well as in fluidised and circulating bed, peat and coal-fired boilers.

The technologies developed by Telatek prolong the lifetime of machines and equipment, and allow fast service and maintenance.

Shaft and bearing repairs

Telatek manufactures and repairs babbitted bearings. We also repair and recondition shafts. The work can be carried out on-site or at our engineering workshop. We are able to process both small and large shafts of over 40t.

If the surface of a shaft is continually under hard strain, it will wear down and the operating capacity of equipment will deteriorate in demanding sites. With great expertise and skills in repairing bearings and shafts, along with our swift working methods, we save our clients from long and costly downtime that can occur when procuring a new shaft.