On the 23rd International Conference on Fluidised Bed Conversion, Doosan Lentjes will present its highly efficient 300MW class supercritical (SC) circulating fluidised bed (CFB) boiler solutions for low-grade coals. The event will take place from 13-17 May in Seoul, Korea.

Against the background of global aspirations to reduce the global warming process, there is increasing efforts to minimise harmful greenhouse gas emissions in power production. This leads to increasing requirements imposed towards the applied steam generation technology.

Compared to conventional subcritical natural circulation cycles, SC CFB applications have the potential to meet these environmental challenges by harnessing the maximum performance potential of the generated steam. The basis for this is the capability of these units to work with enhanced temperature and pressure parameters.

“The duty to increase the efficiencies of power plants has become major subject to getting access to international process financing,” says Gerd Heiermann, Head of SC- and USC-Boiler Technologies at Doosan Lentjes. “Institutions such as the World Bank have been excluding several subcritical projects from the opportunity to receive financing or even backup guarantees. This is one of the main drivers for an increasing demand for highly efficient combustion concepts with optimised environmental performances.”

Frank Leuschke, Product Manager CFB at Doosan Lentjes adds: “At the conference, we aim at presenting the special design strategy and implications on boiler design, as well as, equipment selection for these SC CFB applications using low-grade coals.”

The event in Seoul will unite energy professionals from all over the world to exchange about latest developments, technologies while also providing excellent networking opportunities to everybody.

Doosan Lentjes is a specialist in designing, supplying and commissioning flexible circulating fluidised bed (CFB) boiler solutions, helping customers around the globe efficiently and environmentally sound generate power from a wide range of fuel types including those with difficult combustion properties.