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New Build Europe

19 - 20 March 2013 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Arena International is proud to announce the return of New Build Europe.


Arena International is proud to announce the return of New Build Europe.

This year’s conference will be focusing on challenges facing new builds today, including a lack of financing, changing policies and the addition of new and renewable energy sources to companies’ portfolios.

Our speakers this year include:

  • Heli Antila, CTO, Fortum Corporation
  • Jan von Drathen, head of solar projects, E.On
  • Samuele Furfari, advisor to the deputy general, European Commission
  • Pano Kroko, chairman, Green Capital
  • Janne Savelainen, CEO, Lahti Energy

Day one will look into issues with new build, including changing policy, financing and project management skills. Day two will focus on alternative sources of energy, future markets and retrofitting. By splitting the focus, all delegates will be able to take something away from the conference, even if they are not currently working with any new build projects.

Agenda topics will include:

  • Understanding current and future policy regarding energy generation in the European Union in order to ensure compliance with new standards and timelines
  • Identifying new markets to explore for geographical or strategic expansion in order to increase profit levels
  • Evaluating the current market place in regards to solar power plants and recognising the positive effect of a solar plant on the current energy mix and bottom line
  • Analysing the current financing landscape as it exists within the energy industry in order to assess the possibilities of securing and utilising funds for large projects

In addition to the presentations, New Build Europe will offer several case studies and panel discussions for a more interactive conference and a chance to interact directly with the speakers. Topics for the panels and case studies include:

  • Case study: examining the potential use of carbon capture storage as a successful way to manage intermittency due to unbalanced supply and demand and create a more efficient power supply
  • Case study: uncovering the strategy behind renewable integration in order to lower CO2 levels while maintaining or improving energy output levels to stay competitive
  • Case study: analysing the challenges and benefits of the addition of wind power to the current energy mix in order to lower CO2 levels and achieve a greener portfolio

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We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam.