Pemamek Heavy Duty Welding Automation for the Energy Industry

Pemamek has heavy welding know-how for the global energy sector.

Welding automation for power plant boiler and windmill tower suppliers

Pemamek has been investing for several years in the development of heavy welding robotics and automation. There are two main areas in the energy sector where Pemamek is a major, global production technology provider: the manufacturing of membrane wall panels of power plant boilers and manufacturing of windmill towers. Both require heavy welding and advanced material handling. Pemamek has expertise in the welding process, efficient material handling and material flow of heavy pieces with special equipment to boost productivity and ensure the highest quality work.

Boiler production automation

Pemamek provides turnkey deliveries for membrane wall panel production, tube and fin bar pre-fabrication.

Pemamek designs and manufactures production automation for the boiler industry, including efficient moving-tube stationary welding machines and gantry type welding machines, for material handling and prefabrication for membrane wall panel production. A very good example of this is a basic model of the welding station for membrane wall panels, equipped with six submerged arc welding machines and automatic material handling lines. This model is capable of welding up to 3km of quality seam in one eight-hour shift.

With efficient material handling, advanced pre-processing and flexible conveyor lines, high productivity and arc-time can be assured in the welding of industrial boilers. PEMA’s well-proven fin bar calibration, bevelling and shot-blasting machines, together with tube processing systems, are normally also part of effective boiler production.

For more than 25 years Pemamek has delivered welding lines for industrial boiler manufacturers. Long experience and close cooperation with customers worldwide guarantee that PEMA products meet the strictest demands.

Windmill tower production automation

The company also offers turnkey deliveries for wind power tower production. Pemamek has developed special solutions that make it a key player in the supply of manufacturing technology for steel parts – especially towers – for wind turbines. Tower sections normally contain at least 50t – 100t of welded steel. The handling of such large work pieces requires specialised equipment, which Pemamek hcan provide.

Even though the actual welding process can be sped up by increasing the number of welding heads, productivity and the quality of the product are significantly improved with the specially designed hydraulic assembly jig combined with the unique head and tailstock system for the assembly and welding of cells of the tower. Smooth workflows and work safety can also be enhanced by using a well-defined, comprehensive manufacturing layout. For transportation of heavy tower parts, Pemamek has developed its own advanced systems to improve total productivity of any windmill tower production factory.

In addition, Pemamek has extensive experience and technical knowledge in the supply of heavy-duty roller beds specially designed for conical windmill towers.

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Press Release

Pemamek Receives Welding Automation Solutions Award

Based on its recent analysis of the welding automation market, Frost & Sullivan recognises Pemamek Oy Ltd. with the 2013 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Company of the Year.

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Press Release

27 November 2013

Based on its recent analysis of the welding automation market, Frost & Sullivan recognises Pemamek Oy Ltd. with the 2013 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Company of the Year.

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10 November 2013

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PEMA Welding Automation has been appointed by world-leading rig builder Keppel FELS to implement the latest modern welding automation system for their production facilities.

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6 June 2012

Nuclear AMRC at University of Sheffield in the UK and Finnish company Pemamek, designing and manufacturing welding automation solutions for various fields of industry, have entered a research partnership this month.

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20 April 2011

Pemamek has agreed on the design, construction and delivery of a PEMA membrane wall panel line and four PEMA tube prefabrication lines for TBWES, a Thermax - Babcock & Wilcox joint venture in India. TBWES manufactures supercritical boilers in its new facility in Pune, India, with present annu

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19 March 2009

Exceptionally strong demand for advanced membrane wall panel lines has continued throughout the whole of 2008. While the whole energy sector has been developing and investing heavily on new technology and capacity worldwide, Pemamek’s panel lines, which are based on extremely advanced a

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