Worldwide demand for clean and sustainable energy is increasing, prompting the location of wind farms in more remote and hazardous locations. This means that the Donut & Donut Safeland Personal Controlled Descent Devices are becoming increasingly vital.

The Donut & Donut Safeland Personal Controlled Descent Devices are the ultimate safety system for an evacuee. They are ideal for escape from both onshore and offshore wind turbines.

The Donut Personal Controlled Descent Device offers the means of escape from very high structures, in hostile environments and ever-changing conditions. This compact and unrestrictive escape device is simple and secure in its use.

Onshore wind turbines – personal escape device

Our Donut Safeland Retro unit, designed for escape over hard surfaces, has the added flexibility of attachment of the Safeland Retro’s friction device directly to the user’s own existing work harness, allowing personnel to safely transfer between their fall arrest device to descender unit prior to escape. It is compact, portable and unrestrictive in use, allowing the user to choose the best time and place to make their escape. It is also non-reliant making it the perfect solution for both installation and maintenance crews to carry out a safe and controlled escape from either within or outside the turbine when conventional methods of egress are not available, due to structural failure or fire.

Donut components.
Liferaft escape attached to painter line.
The Donut & Donut Safeland personal escape control descent device is suitable for both onshore and offshore wind turbines.
Donut Retro friction device attached directly to work harness.
Direct entry to rescue craft.

The Safeland can also be used to lower injured / unconscious personnel in conjunction with a suitable stretcher.

Offshore wind turbines – liferaft entry control device

It is virtually impossible for an evacuee to gain entry into a liferaft without the use of the Donut Marine Personal Controlled Descent Device. This is due to the difficulty caused by adverse wind and sea conditions. With the use of an additional strop that attaches to the painter line of the liferaft, guiding the user towards the raft during descent, but more importantly once in the water alleviating the risk of being washed away, the user is guaranteed to reach and enter the liferaft.

The Donut also has the application of use for vertical escape from the turbine directly to a rescue craft below, or if the vessel has to move position away from the turbine due to sea conditions, unlike other inertia reel systems, the user can lock-off above the sea awaiting rescue remaining dry, visible and warm, until rescue can be made.

Industry-standard escape control device

With tens of thousands of units sold and in service, the Donut Personal Controlled Descent Device is established worldwide as the industry standard.

ISO 9001-approved personal descent device

The Donut Descent Device is ISO 9001 approved. It has ‘approval for use’ certification from all major international regulatory authorities, providing the operator and user with complete confidence.

About Donut Safety Systems

Donut Safety Systems developed and patented the Donut & Safeland Personal Controlled Descent Devices. The company has over 50 years of accumulated expertise in the development and manufacture of personal escape equipment for a variety of applications. This includes the marine, gas, petroleum, renewable and construction industries, both onshore and offshore.