Maxwell is the world leader in HV capacitor technology because of its reliable, high-quality, long-lasting, first-in-class products with excellent electrical and mechanical strength. We also have an ability to respond to individual customers’ requirements.

Our extensive experience and know-how in the production of HV capacitors allows us to offer products that meet the requirements of all types of capacitor applications in the transport and distribution of electrical energy. One example is the use of CONDIS grading and coupling HV capacitors in GIS circuit breakers.

CONDIS® grading and coupling HV capacitors for GIS circuit breakers

GIS switchgears tend to prevail over AIS switchgears due to significant technical and commercial advantages. Nowadays, T&D infrastructures close to agglomerations represent a major asset. GIS switchgears require much less surface and can therefore be installed in a confined space or even underground in the middle of a city. Where a tough environment with extreme temperatures, dust or pollution occurs, GIS switchgears are the optimal solution.

GIS switchgears are produced by numerous well-known manufacturers around the globe. Many of these companies have decades of experience in the production of GIS switchgear technology. Beside these well-established producers a number of other manufacturers have recently added GIS products to their portfolio.

Maxwell, thanks to its continuous investments in product development and production technology, has become a reference partner for all main breaker manufactures over the years, by offering state-of-the-art HV GIS capacitors.

The design of our HV GIS capacitors is based on a glass-fibre-reinforced tube insulator to fit the GIS circuit breaker requirements. Grading capacitors are used to distribute the voltage uniformly in the interrupting chambers of the GIS circuit breaker. The capacitors are installed in parallel to the breaking chambers. In addition to the voltage-distribution function, grading capacitors allow you to reduce the voltage increase during the breaker opening. Furthermore, they also protect the GIS breaker from a re-ignition during opening. Coupling capacitors are used to limit the over-voltage coming from a short distance fault on a low capacitive line.

Range of GIS capacitors

GIS capacitors with nominal voltages up to 500kV and capacitances above 200pF are available. Standard capacitor flange diameters are 100mm, 120mm, 140mm and 174mm. In order to offer compatibility with existing technologies the flanges, tubes and field distribution will not be changed in the future.