Russell Benussi Associates is a long established supplier of specialist services, spare parts and equipment to power utilities, refineries, chemical plants and process industries in general. Our focus is on turbo machinery operators and our extensive customer base includes power generators, OEM turbine manufacturers and turbo machinery maintenance facilities.

Our success since 1990 has been based on reliable, fast and cost effective supply of components for stock, just-in-time or emergency delivery.

Steam turbine glands, seals and baffles

We specialise in the supply of labyrinth seals, vernier seals, dummy piston seals, tip seals, honeycomb seals and wiper glands of all types.

Manufacture can be based on customer supplied drawings or by reverse engineering of samples. Our extensive stock of raw materials and specialist manufacturing experience allows us to offer unrivalled delivery and support in forced outages.

In addition, Russell Benussi Associates offers a range of proven design improvements such as guardian packing and vortex seals, which improve turbine efficiency and operational flexibility.

Turbine steam control valves spindles, seats, sleeves and bushings and hard faced or stellited components

We supply a wide range of stellited and hard faced components such as valve spindles and seats, valve heads, sleeves and bushings. Our understanding of these components and the required material specifications allows us to manufacture from customer supplied drawings or from samples supplied for reverse engineering.

Russell Benussi Associates has particular capability in the refurbishment and recovery of high value worn or damaged components such as stellited seats.

Turbine blades and vanes

We are the UK and Ireland representatives for Stork Turbo Blading, one of the largest and technically advanced independent blade manufacturers.

We supply steam turbine blades of all types and gas turbine compressor blades and vanes. We have highly developed reverse engineering capability and understanding of blade types and materials and offer many GT compressor blades from stock.

Turbine control system components and training

In association with De Jong Europe, we can provide specialised support for turbine controls and instrumentation, spare parts and repair services for printed circuit boards, CRT monitors, power supplies and industrial PLCs. We have particular capabilities to support Speedtronic control systems and provide specialist training for users of these systems.

Gas turbine air intake filtration systems

We are the UK and Ireland representatives for Eagle Filters, who specialise in intake filtration systems for gas turbines. Our products are widely used in power generation and oil and gas installations.

Eagle Filters products are well suited to operating in high humidity and high pollution atmospheres. The filters successfully combine very high mechanical stability, excellent filtration and aerodynamic capabilities.

All of Eagle Filters’ products are designed to meet international standards, including EN 779, and are compliant with current EU safety and environmental regulations. Eagle Filters is a market leader in custom air filtration solutions. We produce and develop high quality filters especially for combined cycle power plants, compressors and for other demanding industrial needs.

Deaerators, specialist boiler services, pressure parts and burners

Russell Benussi Associates is the UK and Ireland representative for Stork Thermeq, a specialist in the field of boiler systems who can offer tailor-made design, production, construction and maintenance for combustion, deaerating, condensate and absorption refrigeration systems. We are a leading supplier of state of the art components for boiler systems for utilities and process industries.

We offer feasibility studies and failure analysis, boiler inspections and modifications, as well as a range of specialist manufactured components including burners, deaerators, membrane walls, headers, economisers and super heaters.

Turbine gearboxes

We are the UK and Ireland representatives for Stork Gears, who offer maritime, industrial and wind turbine gearbox repair services. Stork Gears & Services is an independent service company, specialising in the maintenance and repair of gearboxes. With over 50 years of experience, we offer a complete range of gearbox services making use of innovative technologies, advanced engineering facilities and extensive gearbox knowledge.

Oil skimmers

As the UK and Ireland distributor for one of the most cost effective and reliable methods of removing surface oil contamination from waste, cooling and process water, Russell Benussi Associates can supply the 6V or 5H floating tube oil skimmer manufactured by Oil Skimmers. This product has been supplied extensively to the power and process industries where it is valued for its ability to operate reliably, continuously and without supervision in the most arduous conditions.

Oil skimming is effective in removing surface oil contamination from tanks, interceptor pits, settling ponds and wastewater treatment plants.