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High-Power Generating Sets

KD SERIES is the new line of generating sets equipped for the first time with state-of-the-art KOHLER diesel engines. These generating sets benefit from unprecedented power density, making the KD SERIES an ideal range to meet the most exacting requirements. Ranging from 800kVA/kWe to 4,200kVA/4,000KWe, they are suited to all industrial applications. KOHLER has been a global provider of energy solutions since 1920. Its emergency power supply, main power supply and energy management systems excel throughout the world and across all sectors. As the third biggest global player on the market, KOHLER now designs its own generating set engines and has drawn on its experience of generating sets to develop the ideal engine in each power category. From offshore drilling platforms to extreme desert conditions, KOHLER-SDMO generating sets are proving their reliability and performance. Download this white paper to find out more.

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