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Industrial Power Systems

KOHLER G-Drive diesel engines are manufactured with the highest-quality materials and systems. Engineered over a six-year period for use in generator set applications, these engines are built for the toughest environmental conditions, making them ideal for a variety of crucial applications.

With almost a century of engineering expertise behind it, KHOLER's G-Drive engines are built with an eye on the future and are designed to last for decades to come.

The company engineers, tests and fits every single component, while its computer-aided quality-management system oversees every step of development to ensure the highest level of quality.

KOHLER generators are backed by a premium warranty, factory support and an extended network of knowledgeable, factory-trained service technicians. G-Drive engines have proven their power and reliability during arduous tests, both in the laboratory and on-site, while the engine's architecture, injection system and engine management have been designed to achieve optimal generator set performance.

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