Utilities across Europe face the prospect of meeting the EU’s goal of installing smart meters for 80% of consumers by 2020 (European Commission, 2015). Whilst each country is meeting these goals within different time frames, many are in the same position as the UK and are in a crucial stage in the road towards full roll outs. Additionally, gas, electricity and some water suppliers face similar challenges in managing existing meter assets and planning for the roll out and maintenance of smart meters.

In order to combat the many challenges occurring within this transitional phase, significant amounts of investment must be injected into smart metering technology. Furthermore, concerns regarding logistics, asset churn and workforce are common whether it be by an energy supplier or a sub-contracted meter asset management company.

SMi is pleased to announce the return of its Meter Asset Management conference taking place on 22nd-23rd of June 2015 in London, UK.

This conference will cover issues relating to new smart meters as well as focus on looking at the retention of traditional metering and the many processes involved in switching them over.

Benefits of attending:

– Listen to an update on the SMDA

– Learn how to implement best practice being used across Europe

– Understand how to train and optimise your workforce

– Discuss how interoperability can be implemented

– Hear how to maximise the benefits of smart metering

Key speakers include:

– Jeremy Yapp, Deputy Director, Smart Metering, BEAMA

– Brendan McGarry, Head of Service, SMDA Scheme Operator, Gemserv Ltd

– Senior Representative, Department of Energy and Climate Change

– Neil Robertson, Chief Executive, EU skills

– Dennis Palmer, Head of GB Smart Metering Programme Liason, Smart Energy GB

– Stephen Dallas, SMART Meter Deployment Optimisation Manager, Deployment Operations Centre, EDF Energy

– Dirk Costrop, Project leader Smart Meter Data Acquisition, EANDIS