The China LNG market is evolving rapidly. Falling LNG spot prices, combined with a gradual rise in domestic gas prices has led to increased interest from non-traditional LNG buyers in China. Private sector and smaller state-owned organisations are taking advantage of current market conditions and are beginning to actively seek LNG suppliers.

With established state-owned companies under increasing pressure to free up infrastructure to more end-users as the Chinese government pushes for an increase in the share of gas in the country’s energy mix, how will the next generation of LNG buyers impact China’s LNG landscape?

China LNG International Summit will uncover more about China’s growing private sector LNG players including:

• Policy initiatives shaping the LNG supply/demand dynamics in China towards 2025 and encouraging private sector LNG demand growth

• The characteristics of the private sector players and how their business models will impact LNG demand in China

• The development of third party access to the infrastructure of major players and how this will facilitate the entry of more LNG buyers

• The role of power generating companies in driving domestic LNG demand and how they are evolving into LNG buyers

• Market developments and policy incentives driving the growth of the small- and mid-scale LNG market in China