Formation damage is causing considerable cost for remediation and deferred production. Thorough understanding of the formation damage mechanisms, stringent measures for its control and prevention, and effective and efficient treatments are the keys for optimum production strategies for oil and gas fields.

In this workshop, field and lab experts in formation damage and stimulation will meet to share experience from new developments and mature fields within GCC and around the globe. The workshop topics will cover traditional formation damage issues and emerging topics such as matrix acidising in naturally fractured carbonates and formation damage associated with EOR projects and simulation of formation damage.


• Highlight the major sources of formation damage during the well cycle

• Understand the formation damage mechanisms and their characterisation methods and techniques

• Quantify the impact of different types of formation damage on well integrity and productivity

• Share the best practices and recent technologies to identify, prevent, and remediate the different types of formation damage

• Tackle the new formation damage challenges in the unconventional reservoirs and discuss prevention and remediation solutions


• Completion Engineers

• Exploitation Engineers

• Technical Engineers

• Reservoir Engineers

• Research Scientists

• Chemists

• Geologists