Coiled tubing (CT) in the oil and gas industry, primarily for upstream activities, continues to lead well intervention practices. CT applications range from basic clean-outs, nitrogen kick-off, and fluid circulation to more advance applications in matrix stimulation, water shut-off, milling and conformance to list a few. These applications either basic or advance requires to be completed in challenges environments, sometimes we find low pressure and depleted wells, some other we are on the HPHT end; wellbore depths becomes longer and longer with more difficult and challenging accessibility; multilateral wells are becoming more common challenging not only access but fluid placement; and it is common to work today in highly H₂S or CO₂ corrosive environment bringing CT pipe to its limits.

This workshop aims to bring together industry and area experts from CT service providers, pipe and equipment manufacturers, operating companies, rig contractors, drilling and completion companies, the academia, and many more, to share information about new CT technology and innovation, best practices, case histories, new CT pipe materials, new surface and subsurface equipment and tools, and advanced applications used in challenging CT environments. The workshop will also offer the opportunity for networking and for dedicated group discussions on the way forward in CT.

This Workshop will discuss the following topics:

– Coiled Tubing Equipment and Materials

– Coiled Tubing Standard Practice and Procedures

– Coiled Tubing Pipe Management

– Coiled Tubing Drilling

– Coiled Tubing Solutions and Applications

– Coiled Tubing Stimulation and Water Control

– Advancements Coiled Tubing Technologies


– Drilling and Completion Engineers

– Petroleum and Reservoir Engineers

– Production and Operations Engineers and Technologists

– Well Intervention Engineers and Supervisors

– Coiled Tubing Pipe and Equipment Manufacturers

– University Staff and Academia