This workshop aims to provide insight into some of the latest innovations in the oil and gas industry in addition to providing soft-skills that can optimise your day-to-day performance.

Eight sessions will cover a range of topics including; i-fields and how they are being used to optimise performance, an insider view on reservoir modelling and the common mistakes that commonly occur, and building an understanding of how petroleum fiscal systems work.

The workshop will also provide an in-depth look into personal development covering topics such as self-branding, the importance of work-life balance, exploring the power of positive team dynamics and most importantly how to unlock your inner potential to drive your own career.

This boot camp is set to send you out on a journey of self-discovery and exploration and will be highlighting some of the latest and most interesting developments in the industry today.


The workshop is primarily aimed at young professionals. A young professional is any professional aged 36 or less and/or currently works in the energy sector with no more than 10 years experience.