Ecocity World Summit 2015, which will be hosted in the Middle East for the very first time, will tackle the issues around building ecocities in challenging environments, and will serve as the platform upon which Abu Dhabi, and the region, will carry their ecocity visions forward. Ecocity Builders, the owners of the conference series, aspire to change the way humanity builds its cities, and to inspire more eco-friendly human behaviours, by providing a collaborative, community-oriented, modest platform for eco-thinkers to develop the ideas and create the tools that humanity will need to safeguard its environmental future.

ECWS 2015 is a collaborative platform for researchers and academia to advance the state of thinking and to inspire the next generation of ideas, projects and strategies for the world’s ecocities of the future, as well as provide them with the opportunity to present their work to a top-calibre audience of local and international governmental and private-sector leaders and eco-experts. The summit will bring speakers from the world’s leading universities and research institutes who will share their forward thinking and develop innovative solutions to today’s urban challenges.

ECWS 2015 is being hosted in the city of Abu Dhabi by the Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi (EAD), and supported by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Urban Planning Council (UPC) and Masdar. The event is facilitated by Abu Dhabi Global Environmental Data Initiative (AGEDI) with the Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority as the destination host. This biennial event will also bring together the leaders of the world’s major institutions, such as the World Bank and the United Nations, under the umbrella of an environmental sustainability, thereby prompting their leaders to align their corporate goals with the larger aim of safeguarding our planet’s sustainable future.