With easily accessible resources dwindling, international oil, gas and mining companies are looking increasingly to invest in resource-rich, untapped markets. For many of these countries, straddling the task of providing a local content policy that attracts investment whilst protecting national interests is laborious to say the least. The question resource-rich nations need to be asking themselves is: a) Is our local content policy working? and b) How do we measure the success of such programmes?

Join new frontier and mature market strategy facilitators as they discuss:

* What makes an attractive and beneficial policy: Developing a programme that attracts investment whilst protecting the interests of the local community

* Human capital: Devising a thorough plan to build on local skills and educational resources

Metrics and measurement: How to manage, maintain, assess and revise local content policies

* Technology transfer: Incorporating new technical components and processes to better local capacity

* Local supply chain: Identifying how governments and NGOs have fostered significant business linkages in strengthening local supply chains

Thought leaders contributing to the summit include:

* Eng Ernest Nwapa , Executive Secretary, The Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board

* Amir Zaitenov, Head of LCDD, PSA, Kazakhastan

* Honorable Emmanuel Buah, Minister for Petroleum, Ghana

* Honorable Jacqueline Khoury , Member of the Board , National Oil Company of Liberia

For more information about the speaker and session line up, visit www.localcontentsummit.com, email enquire@oilandgasiq.com or call +44 (0)20 7036 1300.