Right now, oil price volatility is impacting the entire industry and pushing down profit margins. This is resulting in all associated project teams assessing their current construction methodologies and focusing their attention on cost reduction, improving operational productivity and efficiency throughout the entire process.

The key question that many companies are asking themselves – and what the Modular Construction and Prefabrication for Oil and Gas conference will help answer is – To modularize or not to modularize?

The agenda will focus on the following questions:

1. Is modular a viable option for your project and if so, how do you determine what level of modularization?

2. Once you have made the decision to modularize, how do you plan and manage the complex logistics, heavy lifting and transportation of these modules?

3. Once you are ready to build – how do you ensure that all project teams understand how to safely manage these projects and deliver them on time and within budget?

For more information on the speaker and session line up, visit www.modconoilandgas.com, email enquire@oilandgasiq.com or call +44 (0)20 7036 1300.