Following on from the success of the IChemE conference in 2014, the Sustainable Nuclear Energy Conference will next take place on 12-14 April 2016, in Nottingham, UK. The conference will look at the nuclear cycle from cradle to grave with a focus on current reactor systems, future systems and fuels, advanced fuel cycles and the new challenges of decommissioning and waste management.

Since the last conference IChemE has made two significant developments that are pertinent to this conference:

* launch of the international IChemE Energy Centre, with an agenda to become a dominant “go to” body for all aspects of sustainable energy policy

* a wide ranging collaboration with our friends at the Nuclear Institute and the National Skills Academy Nuclear, focussed on jointly tackling the skills issues inherent in the nuclear sector

Given the slow pace of new nuclear build in most regions, chemical engineering and its fundamental systems approach can play an important part in the resolution of many of the issues. The Sustainable Nuclear Energy Conference 2016 will provide an independent, international opportunity to debate these topics and assist in building a sustainable energy future with nuclear providing a significant contribution.

We are calling for papers under the following broad themes:

* Current reactor systems

* Future or alternative reactor systems and fuels

* Advanced fuel cycles

* New challenges in decommissioning, waste management and disposal

* Advanced uses of nuclear fission

Visit the website for full details.