This course focuses upon the key mechanisms with which pipe becomes stuck and how the sticking mechanisms can be prevented through proper planning and operational procedures. It also covers the Driller’s First Actions, i.e. what the Driller should do as soon as he has become stuck in order to maximise the possibility of becoming free.

To maximise learning, delegates work through actual Stuck Pipe case histories, identifying the sticking mechanisms, prevention measures and what to do to get free. Typically, Fishing is the last chance for the Operator to recover the stuck BHA / fish from the hole. In many cases, work pressure is considerable, since fishing is a high cost operation and because Governments often demand that nuclear sources for example are recovered. Thus, it is vital that Fishing is a success. And yet there is an estimated 85% failure rate.

The 2 day session on Fishing focuses upon how it can be a success first time. To maximise learning, delegates work through actual fishing case histories and follow proven procedures and methodologies. Presentation material is through the use of PowerPoint, case histories and videos

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

– Understand how drill pipe become stuck & what they can do to prevent the situation from occurring

– What the driller should do regarding his “First Actions” upon becoming stuck.

– Fully understand the contents of the Driller’s Stuck Pipe Prevention Handbook.

– How to fish successfully the first time – i.e. what information, tools, techniques, practices and procedures are required.

– Fully understand the contents of the Driller’s Fishing Handbook

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