Under the high Patronage of Basra Governorate and Basra Council, the

strategic forum for Basra’s oil, gas & infrastructure industries is back and

will take place in Istanbul, Turkey on the 2- 3 November.

Basra is home to the fourth largest oil field in the world and is the biggest oil producing province in iraq with more than 67.8 billion barrels (59% of the country’s oil reserves), the South oil Company has its headquarters in

the city and the majority of Iraq’s oil reserves leave from Basra’s terminals.

This Conference will provide a unique forum to unlock the great potential of Basra and further drive its development.

What to Expect:

– 2 Day Strategic Conference

– Half Day Workshop: Get updates on the next phase of the oil and gas developments to help you anticipate the amount of investment and see the projects on offer

– Tender Award Session: Showcasing projects supporting the local community and the industry. Identify and win tenders on water, power generation, transmission, telecoms, civil infrastructure, downstream and industrial projects, transportation projects, education, health and environment

– Networking Lunches & Coffee Breaks: Opportunities to network and mix with industry players and decision makers

– Gala Dinner: Network in a relaxed and neutral setting

– Round Tables & Interactive Discussions: Share ideas and learn from others