The 5-day course covers the design of systems for natural gas handling and treatment from the wellhead to the gas processing plant to achieve marketable products that meet desired product specifications.

The course will emphasise on field handling equipment and separation systems, dehydration, fluid measurement, sampling and analysis, introduction into reciprocating and centrifugal compressors.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to describe and explain the following:

– Gas processing principles of dehydration (water removal) by absorption, adsorption, refrigeration and low temperature separation (JT effect) and basic associated equipment.

– Gas processing in-depth by absorption using glycol and glycol properties. (Pre- Cooling requirements, Dew Point control and related processes). Glycol regeneration including principles of stripping, DRIZO and Coldfinger.

– Process equipment involved for water removal by absorption. (Knock out drums; Contactor – absorber and internals, heat exchangers, re-boilers, pumps, filters and glycol storage)

– Principles of gas metering and types of meter (Measurement Units (MJ, BTU, nM3, scf and conversions)

– Typical gas contracts & sales specifications.

– Gas pipeline operations

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