The spinal cord of E&P operations is the flotilla of Offshore Support Vessels with diverse functionalities and applications. This 5 day separately bookable training course targets to provide critical pre-requisite knowledge for executives managing offshore vessel commercial and technical operations.

On Completion Of This Training Course, Participants Will Have Learned:

-How to implement and comply with QHSE and Security regulations in safe handling of cargo and movements of the vessels;

-Role and responsibilities of the operations management team;

-How to plan and organize in advance repairs, maintenance and crew movements so as to minimize down time for the vessels engaged in support of Offshore E & P operations;

-How to plan and organize daily movements, anchor handling, DP operations, Fi-Fi operations, Standby duties, compliance with instructions and reporting requirements of Charterers, cost controls and consumption of bunkers;

-Awareness of potential emergency situations and how to respond and coordinate with relevant internal and external agencies;

-How to manage safety of personnel of sub-contractors, stevedores’, tenants and ship crew, when engaged in OSV operations;

-Ability to differentiate between various ships, technical and functional characteristics, safety requirements and potential hazards of each operation;

-Competency in developing and maintaining documentary evidence traceability for all works executed during the specific period or operation; and

-Techniques for performance monitoring and continuous improvement based on lessons learned from each operation at the offshore site as well as from reports about peers in the similar business.

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