“They occur in both clastics and carbonates. In as much as these resource plays will be a main focus of future gas exploration, it is critical to understand the occurrence and characteristics of these huge unconventional accumulations. They will also become increasingly important in worldwide exploration as a large source for future gas supplies and reserves.

The main topics that are covered in the course are:

– Historical Perspective – how we got to where we are today.
– Main Characteristics of these accumulations.
– Current Working Model – why these large accumulations occur.
– Important Geochemical Parameters that are required for a play.
– Critical Pressure, Fluid, and Reservoir attributes – how to evaluate and map.
– Sweet Spots – the various types that have made these plays even more economic.
– Examples and Case Histories in the U.S. and Canada – what criteria were used to make
the important initial discoveries.
– Exploration Approach – a step-by-step approach outlining how to use basic rock, log,
pressure, and test data to develop and evaluate these opportunities.

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