Themed “Transforming for Improved Decisions”, the SPE Middle East Intelligent Oil & Gas Conference & Exhibition will serve as a knowledge and experience-sharing platform for intelligent energy development and implementation across the E&P value chain. The inaugural event of the Intelligent Energy series in 2006 focused on the latest technological developments in this area. In 2008, the aim was to deepen and broaden the knowledge of what digital technologies have successfully achieved. The 2010 addition focused on the value, the 2012 theme focused on transformation and the need for accelerated implementation while the 2013 theme focused on realising the full asset value.

In 2015, it is time to look at transforming for improved decision-making. The industry has gone a long way in implementation and has realised many benefits, yet there lies a huge potential not yet explored. The aim, in this episode of this successful programme, is to examine this potential and how it can be harnessed. We will also look to other industries for lessons learnt and examples of how access to real-time data has transformed their business operations.

At the exhibition, companies will demonstrate their latest products, advanced technologies, services and expertise. Attendees will have the opportunity to forge new business relationships, meet with existing partners, source new suppliers, engage with the industry’s leading organisations, and be introduced to new innovations and solutions in intelligent oil and gas.

Apart from the main event, a training course, entitled, Working Effectively within a Software Development Framework, will take place on 14 September 2015. The course will provide an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn how to maximise the benefits from their own software innovations.