“The IEAGHG Post Combustion Capture Conference (PCCC) series has established itself as one of the leading specialist Post Combustion Capture (PCC) conferences. As a dedicated conference, it is able to allow, in detail, presentation on the advances in the current technology, development and results from major demonstration projects and next generation PCC technologies.

Experts attending PCCC2 (Bergen, Norway, 2013) saw an integrated session from Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) providing a world’s first sharing of results and experiences from the first years’ operation of the centre. Building on this, PCCC3 in conjunction with the 2015 SaskPower CCS Symposium, will offer an unprecedented sharing of knowledge and experience at the end of a very successful year of operation.

SaskPower’s Boundary Dam CCS Project is the world’s first commercial-scale CCS undertaking of its kind representing a significant milestone in the deployment of post-combustion carbon capture technology. Dedicated to the learnings of the Boundary Dam CCS Project SaskPower is hosting its 2015 CCS Symposium in conjunction with this year’s IEAGHG conference in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. SaskPower will use the experience and knowledge gained during the execution of its flagship CCS project to set directions for future research, development, and deployment of CCS in its province of Saskatchewan. This year’s SaskPower CCS Symposium will be the world’s first opportunity to learn about SaskPower’s experience in a technical way with the Boundary Dam CCS Project having now been in operation for just under a year. Confirmed operational data and learnings will be used to tell the story of SaskPower’s journey with CCS including difficulties, successes, and surprises.

The event will culminate with a visit to the Boundary Dam CCS Unit and the Aquistore site.”