Between swelling populations, growing pressure on natural resources and the strain on aging infrastructure, cities face no shortage of challenges today. But in these challenges lie incredible opportunities
-opportunities to go beyond the problems to make communities more livable, workable and sustainable.

That’s what Smart Cities Week is all about. Part inspirational, part educational, you’ll walk away with ideas and knowledge that you can put to use right away in your own community. Smart Cities Week isn’t about theory; it’s about proven results. From vision to execution, you’ll hear from people who’ve been there and done that. You will be able to put their experience to work to help jumpstart your own smart cities initiatives and boost your chance of success.

You will also be able to actually see results. Smart Cities Week features a unique Solutions Showcase that’s more show than tell. You will see live demonstrations of tools that can shape your city’s future today.

Whether you’re looking for solutions to urgent challenges or ideas to be more proactive, your time at Smart Cities Week will pay off in your city for years to come.

Smart Cities Week features two programs:

– The Strategic Program provides leaders with inspiration, knowledge and best practices they can put to use right away to make a difference in their own cities.
– The free-to-attend Hub Sessions showcase actual applications operating in real time an immersive experience that shows how the solutions really work right before your eyes.