“What does the future look like for US condensate and light crude production, processing capacity and exports? How has the first year of US condensate exports played out? Will the current low price environment impact splitter economics and new splitter projects coming online? What is the outlook for splitter and stabilizer capacity in the US gulf coast and east coast in 2016 and beyond? What percentage of naphtha is exported, used for diluent, gasoline blending and petrochemical production? What is the outlook for global naphtha demand in Canada, Asia and Europe?

Meet over 150 global condensate and naphtha market participants and hear from over 30 industry experts at the 2nd Argus Condensate and Naphtha Markets Conference in Houston, October 28 – 30.

Topics to be addressed:
2025 outlook for light crude production in the US: What is the future outlook for the crude and condensate streams through 2025? How has decreased drilling activity impacted condensate production and where are these rigs likely to be redeployed as prices climb?
US splitter and stabilizer capacity in 2016 and beyond: Who is investing in splitters and stabilizers in the US gulf coast and east coast and when will these projects come online?
Condensate splitter v. stabilizer operational economics: How do economic teams determine the rates at which they will run splitters and stabilizers?
C5s and light naphtha demand: What is the outlook for C5s coming out of US refineries and splitters and where are the current and future demand centers?
Heavy naphtha demand and aromatics production: How much heavy naphtha is consumed in US refineries vs shipped to the international market?
Canadian and Latin American diluent demand and market access: What is the outlook for diluent production and consumption in Canada and Latin America? What are we assuming in terms of the volume of bitumen moving by rail and the reduced need for diluent for those barrels?
Gasoline exports and blending: What is the imp”