“The course provides an overview of the factors underlying the pricing of the energy markets. There’s number of practical exercises, which participants have to deal with. One of them is to analyse and select the optimum mix of crude oils to process in order to maximise refining margins.

This programme also explains the techniques required to forecast future prices in the oil and gas markets using charts and technical analysis. It will cover the different types of charts and their construction, chart patterns and the more commonly used technical indicators. Examples and workshops provide the opportunity to explore the potential for technical analysis and charting.

The programme is accredited by the British Energy Institute. The course participants will be issued 80 CPD credtis International Industry Certificate of the IBH and ICE Futures.

To identify and understand the key factors that affect energy prices
To identify and analyse the economic, political, strategic and seasonal price influences
To evaluate transport, storage and the shape of the forward curve
To explore the tax and environmental issues
To compare technical and fundamental analysis
To identify and understand the commonly used tools and to be able to use technical analysis to forecast future price movement
To appreciate the changing trends in global demand

Recommended for anyone who would like to gain an insight into fundamental analysis of the oil and gas market and understanding of the principles and applications of charting techniques
Trading companies, banks, brokers, oil and gas producers, refiners, distribution and storage companies
Senior managers, marketing and sales departments
Physical traders, futures and options brokers and dealers
Fund managers and investors”