Oil and Gas Chemistry 2015
Houston, TX,
Nov. 16-17, 2015
High Performance and Lower Cost

The chemistry of Fluids, Proppants, Cement, Inhibitors, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), and other oil-field production and midstream chemicals will be covered in this important workshop and conference. Understanding the chemistry includes knowledge of the chemical stability and structure-property relationships for each application. Training with a renowned chemistry professor and polymer scientist. Listen to experts from other oil-gas industry and chemical companies. A summary of the important points to be covered include:
– Chemical structures and composition of corrosion, scaling, and asphaltene inhibitors. – Drilling and completion fluids chemistry and rheology. – Brine and Produced fluid Chemistry – Synthetic chemistry routes to new additives and surfactants – New polymer synthesis routes and polymerization methods. – Proppant resin chemistry and coatings – Cement formulation: additives and polymers – Biobased feedstocks and biodegradable additives – Analytical characterization methods – New surfactants for enhanced oil recovery and well stimulation fluids – Nanomaterials

IMPORTANT COVERAGE – Challenging problems in oilfield chemicals defined – Flow assurance problems and asset integrity management – High performance additives and polymer materials defines: acidic and corrosive conditions – Standards testing for HTHP and high brine conditions – Principles of chemical product and engineering relevant to the oil-gas industry
This will be a two-day workshop event that will draw participants from industry and academia.
Meeting of Chemical supply companies and oil-field service companies
Certificate of Completion, Question and Answer Sessions
Networking Opportunities and New Instrumentation and Products from selected vendors
Registration is Limited to only 50 participants per day
Early Bird and Block registration discount.