Future Power Technology Magazine: Issue 58

7 January 2015 (Last Updated January 7th, 2015 07:50)

In this issue: Boosting renewables in Europe with better grid interconnections, Ikea’s $1.5bn sustainable power plan, investigating the effect of offshore wind installations on marine wildlife, emerging players in the nuclear sector, the viability of natural gas as a bridge fuel, views on coal around the world and more.

Future Power Technology Magazine: Issue 58

Future Power Technology Magazine: Issue 58 | January 2015

While the UK considers a host of new interconnector projects, other European countries are already benefitting from better grid connections with their neighbours. We take a look at the UK’s plans to get better connected and ask how increased grid interconnection could give a boost to more widespread integration of renewable energy sources.

Moreover, we speak to Ikea about its $12.5bn investment in wind and solar power, find out why more needs to be done to assess the impact of offshore wind farms on the marine wildlife and ask whether Lockheed Martin’s announcement of a shortcut to fusion falls into the realm of PR stunt or genuine scientific revelation.

Natural gas has been touted as a ‘bridge fuel’ in the shift from coal to renewable power generation. We ask whether this concept is viable, and what needs to be done to ensure the economic benefits of gas are channelled into the development of clean energy technologies. And, with coal falling out of favour in some countries while other nations still heavily rely on the fossil fuel, we chart changing attitudes towards coal around the world.

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In this issue

Time to Connect
UK energy regulator Ofgem is assessing various interconnector projects in Europe and further afield. Heidi Vella-Starr asks whether vastly increasing grid interconnection could be the UK’s ticket to a low-carbon future.
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Good for Business, Good for All
Planning a $1.5bn investment in wind and solar power this year, the world’s largest furniture retailer Ikea is taking a more sustainable approach to business. Adam Leach speaks to global sustainability manager Steve Howard.
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Unknown Territory
As the number and size of offshore wind installations increases, there is a growing consensus that more needs to be done to assess their impact on marine wildlife. Adam Leach investigates the concerns.
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Suspicious Science
Lockheed Martin’s claim that a small reactor can provide a shortcut to fusion energy has raised eyebrows across industries. Chris Lo asks whether the project is more PR stunt than scientific revelation.
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Building a New Generation
Around the world, emerging and developed countries are pushing forward with nuclear capacity plans in a bid to meet growing energy demand and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. GlobalData charts a world map of new players expected to enter the industry
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Solution or Illusion?
The concept of natural gas as a ‘bridge fuel’ to a low-carbon future is now common, but is it realistic? Chris Lo looks at the evidence.
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Views on Coal Around the World
While some countries have vowed to move away from coal in a bid to clean up their power generation, the fossil fuel remains a primary long-term energy source for others. Heidi Vella-Starr charts attitudes towards coal on an interactive map.
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Next issue preview

The US Republican Party scored a major victory in the midterm elections last year, leading analysts to speculate that fossil fuel companies and nuclear power could get a boost from more lenient environmental policy. We investigate the effect this shift of power could have on the EPA’s proposed emissions limits.

We also find out what the EU’s 2030 policy framework for climate and energy will mean for the industry in the near term, and ask whether the private sector can meet the IPCC’s target for phasing out fossil fuel generation by 2100.

Moreover, we take a look into research exploring the use of thorium as the basis for a new type of nuclear power reactor and find out how new findings in the field of betavoltaics could lead to radically improved battery life.

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