• Future Power Technology – Issue 97

    In this issue: China’s carbon trading scheme, investing in Indian solar, Bali’s big wave energy, Shell moves into renewables, 3D tech for wind farms, flexible electricity models, and more.

  • Future Power Technology – Issue 96

    In this issue: Japanese microgrids building resilience, offshore nuclear, changing energy supply models, smart energy resources, the reality of 100% renewable, nuclear energy in South Korea, and more

  • The Resilience Programme: Changing Japan’s grid

    Following the destruction caused by the Tōhoku tsunami in 2011, the Japanese city of Higashi Matsushima decided to rebuild its energy infrastructure using microgrids and decentralised power. More and more...

  • Future Power Technology – Issue 95

    In this issue: Politicising coal in Australia, smart energy for smart cities, floating wind farms, see-through solar, renewable energy direct, a new start for tokamak, and more

  • Floating wind: the significance of Hywind Scotland

    With Hywind Scotland, the world’s first floating windfarm now up and running, speculation abounds as to whether similar projects will gain support, replacing conventional bottom-fixed installations. There is potential for...