08 Nov 2023

Cloud in power: Q&A with GlobalData thematic analyst

Amna Mujahid is an analyst in GlobalData’s Thematic Intelligence Team. She contributes to the analysis of technologies across various sectors, notably mining, power, and packaging sectors. She takes a keen…

23 Oct 2023

AI in power: Q&A with GlobalData thematic analyst

Suneet Muru is an analyst in GlobalData's Thematic Intelligence team. With interests in decentralised payment technology, Suneet specialises in cryptocurrency, blockchain, and the metaverse. Lara Virrey: What are the most…

16 Jun 2022

Batteries: Regulatory trends

Electric vehicles (EVs) will be a major driving factor for the batteries industry, with major auto companies looking to phase out gas and diesel models in leading markets by 2035,…

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