German transmission system operator Amprion has announced a 25% increase in its five-year investment plan for the power transmission network.

The plan now stands at €27.5bn through to 2028 and aims to accommodate the growing influx of renewable electricity.

This is a substantial rise from €22bn in its previous five-year plan to 2027, which was announced in 2023.

Amprion CEO Hans-Juergen Brick stated: “We are moving into the implementation phase and will complete key projects ahead of time.”

The investment surge is set to facilitate the transition towards renewable energy, with 2024’s investment expected to reach €3.9bn. This follows an increase to €3.1bn in the previous year.

The company is one of four transmission system operators (TSOs) in the country, the others being TenneT, 50Hertz and TransnetBW.

Amprion’s 11,000km network is located in three of the country’s western states. It constitutes a third of Germany’s 35,000km-long high-voltage transmission network in the country.

It is now gearing up to expedite key projects as Germany aims to achieve a 100% green power sector by 2035.

To succeed in this plan, its TSOs must extend their infrastructure to connect with green energy sites and transmit.

The expansion will connect the industrial south to northern wind power and new green hydrogen production facilities.

The financial burden of these grid enhancements is primarily borne by consumers through grid usage fees included in energy bills, supplemented by external financing.

Amprion has also expedited the construction of the Korridor A and Ultranet lines, aiming to commence operations by 2027. The company reported a 27% increase in adjusted earnings before interest and taxation to €980m in 2023.