Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) has secured contracts from five customers for the supply of approximately 200MW.

This year, the company will supply a total of 63 wind turbines across seven Spanish windfarms in Navarra, Valladolid, Zaragoza, Málaga and Cádiz.

Additionally, the company will provide operating and maintenance (O&M) services for all these facilities.

SGRE noted that majority of the blades for these turbines will be manufactured in the facilities of Aoiz at Navarra and As Somozas of Galicia in Spain, and Tangier of Morocco.

It will supply 42 SG 3.4-132 model turbines, 16 SG 2.6-114 turbines and five SG 2.6-126 machines.

SGRE added that all the nacelles will be produced at the Ágreda plant in Soria, Spain.

The company will install 32 SG 3.4-132 wind turbines in the Cavar wind complex, which is being co-developed by Iberdrola and Caja Rural de Navarra.

“SGRE has sold 1.2GW in Spain since the end of 2017.”

Located in the municipalities of Cadreita and Valtierra of Navarra, this project includes four windfarms with an installed capacity of 111MW.

SGRE will be responsible for maintenance of the machines for a period of ten years.

Siemens Gamesa will supply 12 turbines (32MW) to Alfanar Energy. These include nine SG 2.6-114 turbines for the La Escalereta II farm in Málaga, and three SG 2.6-114 machines for the La Estancia windfarm in Cádiz.

SGRE will also operate the facilities and provide maintenance services for two decades.

SGRE signed an agreement with Villar Mir Energía for the turnkey construction of the Tablares (12MW) and El Sotillo (15MW) windfarms in Zaragoza.

The company will supply six SG 3.4-132 wind turbines to Grupo Jorge for a 21MW windfarm in Pedrola, Zaragoza, and offer maintenance services for a decade.

In addition, SGRE signed an agreement with Falck Renewables to deliver four SG 2.6-114 turbines (11MW) for the Carrecastro windfarm in the Valladolid municipalities of Tordesillas and Velilla.

With the latest contracts, SGRE has sold 1.2GW in Spain since the end of 2017.