E.ON GIB Rampion offshore

Rampion offshore wind farm in the UK will be developed by German utility firm E.ON with an investment of around £1.3bn.

The renewable energy development will also receive support from the UK Green Investment Bank, which will provide €327m for the construction of the project.

The facility is planned to be built 13km from the Sussex coast, south of Brighton. It will house 116 of 3.45MW wind turbines with a power generation capacity of 400MW.

Once operational, the farm will be able to generate 1,300GWh of renewable power every year, which is enough to meet the power requirement of up to 300,000 homes.

As well as the wind turbines, the project scope also included construction of associated foundations, an offshore substation and cabling.

"The facility will house 116 of 3.45MW wind turbines with a power generation capacity of 400MW."

E.ON will be responsible for the construction, operations and maintenance of the facility. It will also provide energy management services for the project, which includes setting up its connection to the National Grid with marine export cables to shore, around 26km of onshore cables and onshore grid substation assets.

The firm intends to sell these offshore transmission assets in the future under a regulated sales process.

E.ON board member Mike Winkel said: "Our Rampion project starts from a strong position. Technically, the project is an optimised evolution of our four most recent offshore wind projects. We rely on proven technology and installation processes.

"With these preconditions E.ON will demonstrate its top-class competencies that we have developed in managing the construction and operation of offshore wind farms."

Image: Rampion offshore wind farm will be equipped with 116 wind turbines, each having 3.45MW of generation capacity. Photo: courtesy of UK Green Investment Bank.