Ferrybridge SSE

UK-based energy firm SSE has decided to close its coal-fired Ferrybridge Power Station by March next year.

The 48-year old facility is situated on the West and North Yorkshire border. The power station has been costing the firm millions due its aging infrastructure and environmental compliance.

Over the following five years, the facility is expected to cost SSE another £100m, which prompted the firm to mark it ‘unsustainable’.

SSE Generation managing director Paul Smith said: “It’s been known for many years that the UK would have to phase out coal as it moves towards a more sustainable energy mix.

“Over the following five years, the facility is expected to cost SSE another £100m, which prompted SSE to mark it unsustainable.”

“We’ve sought to protect jobs and invest in the site to keep it running for as long as we possibly could, but ultimately we’ve had to make this regrettable decision today.”

The firm intends to move staff from the facility across other parts of the SSE group, which includes their engagement in the nearby Keadby power station or across the wider business.

Keadby is a gas-fired power station located near Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, which is likely to be returned to service.

SSE intends to reopen the Keadby power plant by the end of October this year, reports BBC.

WWF generation specialist Rebecca Williams said: “Coal is one of the dirtiest fossil fuels you can burn and it has no place in the future of electricity generation.

“Ferrybridge C, like other coal power stations, cannot stay open if we are to meet the UK’s carbon emission targets which are essential in tackling climate change.

“David Cameron has already pledged to phase out unabated coal for power generation.

“In June, WWF supporters will be joining thousands of people to remind the Prime Minister of his promise and to ask their MPs what they will be doing to tackle climate change.”

Image: Ferrybridge power plant is expected to cost £100m in the next five years. Photo: courtesy of SSE plc.