Troubleshooting complex energy systems can feel like navigating a labyrinth in the dark. With intricate networks, diverse data sources, and ever-shifting conditions, pinpointing the root cause of an issue can be a daunting task. This is where Visplore steps in, empowering you to conduct ad hoc investigations and shed light on the unknown within your energy system.

The Challenges of Traditional Troubleshooting:

  • Scattered Data Silos: Valuable data often resides in isolated databases, PI systems, and spreadsheets, hindering holistic analysis.
  • Time-Consuming Data Preparation: Labor-intensive data manipulation and alignment slows down the investigation process.
  • Limited Analytical Capabilities: Traditional tools may lack the flexibility to explore diverse data sources and uncover hidden patterns.
  • Inefficient Collaboration: Sharing insights and collaborating with colleagues across departments can be cumbersome.

Visplore: Your Guide Through the Data Maze:

Visplore’s powerful integration features break down these barriers, enabling you to:

  • Connect the Dots: Effortlessly access and integrate data from various sources, including PI systems, databases, files and more.
  • Prepare Data in a Flash: Automatically bring data from different sources to a common time resolution, clean inconsistencies, and optimize it for analysis.
  • Explore with Flexibility: Visually explore correlations and trends within your data using intuitive heatmaps, scatter plots, and other visualizations.
  • Identify Root Causes: Drill down into anomalies and discover hidden patterns across diverse data sets, pinpointing the root cause of issues quickly.
  • Collaborate Seamlessly: Share findings and insights with colleagues through interactive dashboards and reports, fostering effective collaboration.

Visplore’s Versatility:

Visplore’s ad hoc investigation capabilities extend across various areas of power generation, including, for example:

Thermal Power Plants: Investigate inefficiencies in start-up, ramp-up and ramp-down operations. Detect and scrutinize boiler leakages, or deteriorated valve conditions.

Hydro Power Plants: Investigate overheating turbine bearings, seepage water flow, dirt accumulation in coolers or anomalies in guide vane behavior.

Embrace the Power of Ad Hoc Investigation:

With Visplore, complex energy systems no longer hold hidden secrets. Its intuitive interface and powerful data analysis capabilities empower you to conduct ad hoc investigations, uncover root causes, and make informed decisions that optimize your energy operations.