Heinrichs’ all-metal variable area flow meters measure 1l/h – 130,000l/h. They are produced in stainless steel, Hastelloy, monel, and PTFE.

The company’s glass tube flow meters measure 1l/h – 60,000l/h.

The area flow meters are designed for all fitting positions and are immediately available from stock or within 48 hours.

Heinrichs’ product line includes:

  • The Low-Volume Glass Tube Variable Area Flow Meter
  • Low-Volume All-Metal Variable Area Flow Meter
  • In-Line Glass Tube Variable Area Flow Meter
  • All-Metal Variable Area Flow Meter
  • All-Metal Flow Meter for horizontal mounting
  • Plastic Tube Variable Area Flow Meter

The company produces an all-metal stainless steel high-temperature version of up to 350°C.

The stainless steel design flow meters provide an st.st. indicator, dirt insensitive star-guiding of the float, high pressure up to 600bar, media heating possible (liquid / steam), and PTFElining.

A customised all-metal version is available for applications such as sour gas.

The all-metal flow meters have analogue outputs (transducer ES), inductive and safety contacts, micro switches, HART, Profibus, and Fieldbus Foundation signal outputs. They are explosion-proof according to ATEX certification and IEC-Ex, while they are NAMUR NE 21-certified.