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Petrotech Services
Petrotech Services (PTS) is a specialist provider of cleaning and desludging services for the power, petrochemical and tank storage industries.Hazardous tank cleaning specialistPTS has gained...

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Angra-3 PWR Nuclear
25 November, 2014 The 1,405MWe Angra-3 PWR nuclear reactor project is on again. The Brazilian Government has announced plans to complete the reactor, which will work alongside the other two at Angra, which...

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UK nuclear waste – where it’s generated, contained, transported and stored
24 November, 2014 It will be decades before the UK Government builds a long-term storage for the country’s radioactive nuclear waste; but where is this waste produced, contained, transported and stored in...

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Medium-Voltage Instrument Transformers
RITZ Instrument Transformers Instrument transformers are transformers, which convert high currents or voltages into measurable and standardised currents or voltages, which are proportional and in-phase to the primary signal....