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The first of the Politeknik Group of companies was founded in 1976 in Ankara, Turkey, as an engineering company. It focused on the design and manufacturing of large diameter expansion joints and electrostatic precipitators.

Politeknik Group founded his second company in Istanbul, Turkey, and opened a new production facility for manufacturing a wide selection of metal expansion joints in 1988 to serve the domestic market and various sectors abroad.

Based in Turkey with global operations, Politeknik Group has successfully supplied products and services worldwide. The Politeknik Group consists of three companies:

  • Politeknik Expansion Joints: Specialised in thin-walled multi-ply and custom-designed expansion joints
  • Intermetalflex: Manufactures flexible metal hoses. Over 90% of production is exported to the EU and US
  • Politeknik Electrostatic Filters: Designs and manufactures electrostatic precipitators, with approximately 150 employees and 12,000² covered space.

We are proud of serving our customers by providing high-quality products and economical solutions that serve their needs. Industry leading computer software and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology is used for designing and manufacturing our products.

Politeknik Expansion Joints

We manufacture mainly two types of expansion joints:

  • EJMA type U-shape bellows from DN32 (1 ¼") to DN6000 (236") and larger
  • Lens (flanged and flued) type expansion joints from DN300 (12") to DN7000 (276") and larger

We can manufacture bellows from various grades of 300 series stainless steels such as 321ss, 304ss, 316ss, 309S, 310S, 904L and nickel alloys.

U-shape bellows are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest EJMA standards.

Lens (flanged and flued) type of expansion joints are designed and manufactured in accordance with industry standards and our decades of experience.

We specialise in thin-walled multi-ply bellows and custom-designed expansion joints. We can manufacture as thin as 0.2mm (0.008") and as many as 10 plies.

Our quality certifications

The company has a range of quality certifications, including Bureau Veritas, ABS, CE, GOST, ISO 9001, TSEK and TSE.

Standard expansion joints

Politeknik has a wide range of standard expansion joints:

  • Weld End Type: with design pressures of 6barg, 10barg and 16barg
  • Fixed Flanged Type: with design pressures of 6barg, 10barg and 16barg
  • Floating Flanged Type: with design pressures of 6barg, 10barg and 16 barg
  • Externally Pressurized Type: with fixed or floating flanges or weld ends
  • Central Heating System Type: with design pressures of 16barg
  • Rubber Expansion Joints: with design pressures of up to 16barg
  • Fabric Expansion Joints: with working temperatures of up to 850°C

Lens expansion joints

Lens bellows have the advantage of holding up to mechanical damage better than thin-wall bellows. Other advantages of lens bellows include:

  • Weld repair can be performed by plant maintenance staff on thick-walled bellows
  • Thicker wall of lens bellows holds up better to corrosion attacks
  • Common use of carbon steel material
  • Drain couplings can be added to the bottom of the convolution to prevent condensate build-up

Non-standard expansion joints

We also specialise in custom-designed expansion joints such as tied universal, gimballed, hinged, pressure balanced and rectangular types.

We regularly provide expansion joints for the chemical, steel, cement, power and geothermal industries.

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Contact: Aydın Karacasu
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