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Politeknik - Expansion Joints

Politeknik Engineering, founded in 1976, is part of the Politeknik Group of companies. Politeknik is an engineering company that provides special design, production, construction and manufacturing services in the fields of expansion joints and electrofilters.

Based in Turkey with global operations, Politeknik Group has proven success in supplying products and services worldwide. The Group's companies produce:

  • Politeknik Engineering: industrial expansion joints and ESPs
  • Politeknik Metal Bellows: more than 20,000 expansion joints per year
  • Intermetalflex: over 1.2 million metres of metal hoses annually

The Group has three factories: two in Istanbul and one in Ankara, with 125 personnel. Its on-job installation team consists of an additional 30-50 personnel.

Expansion joints (compensators)

Politeknik has been providing a full range of industrial expansion joints for more than 30 years. Since 1976, Politeknik's expansion joints have been serving different applications with success and reliability, from standard piping systems to specific and critical-design expansion joints.

Politeknik expansion joints meet the design standards of the American Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association (EJMA), ANSI piping codes, ASME boiler and pressure vessel codes and DIN standards. We can supply expansion joints with the following specifications:

  • 8,000mm - maximum diameter
  • 6,000mm x 8,000mm - maximum length
  • 700°C - maximum temperature; expansion joint fabric
  • 120bar - maximum pressure
  • 10plies x 1mm - multi-ply
  • Systems solutions for new installations
  • Special expansion joints - pressure-balanced, X-pressure, camera-corner, etc.

Lateral expansion joints

Politeknik provides lateral expansion joints to compensate for the lateral movements of the piping. The tandem type is used where two bellows are connected with an intermediate pipe. To stabilise the expansion joints, tie-rods or tie-bars are used.

Angular expansion joints

Politeknik's angular expansion joints are used to compensate for the angular movements of the piping. The hinged type is used when angular movement is restricted to one plane only. The gimbal type is used to compensate the angular movements in all planes.

Fabric expansion joints

Politeknik laminated fabric expansion joints are fabricated for various applications. They can be used to absorb heavy vibrations, thermal expansions and misalignments in duct systems at low pressures. The joints are made of a composition of different layers, each having different physical and chemical characteristics to perform the following:

  • Absorption of heavy vibrations
  • Absorption of thermal expansions
  • Temperature resistance up to 700°C
  • High flexibility
  • Minimum reactive forces

Rectangular expansion joints

Rectangular expansion joints are used when the duct cross-sections are rectangular instead of circular. The ondulations are higher with a larger width.

Certified ESPs and expansion joints

Politeknik has a reputation for providing high-quality products. The Politeknik Group is certified by the following standards:

  • TUV-SÜd - ISO 9001
  • TUV-SÜd - CE
  • Bureau Vertitas type approval
  • BVQI - ISO 9001
  • GOST certification - 6271582
  • Turkish standards - TSE

Stainless-steel bellows

Politeknik manufactures bellows as one-ply or multi-ply convolutions according to design conditions. In addition to being used as thermal expansion compensators, Politeknik bellows serve as vibration absorbers for piping systems in the vicinity of pumps, blowers, fans or other vibrating equipment.

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Politeknik Ltd
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34742 Kozyatagi
Contact: Aydin Karacasu
Contact: Murat Erdem
Tel: +90 216 5260886
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Fax: +90 216 3143616
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Lens-type compansator Lens-type compansator made by Politeknik.
Lateral expansion joints Large-diameter lateral expansion joint made by Politeknik.
Large-diameter lateral expansion joints Large-diameter lateral expansion joint made by Politeknik.
Angular expansion joints Large-diameter angular expansion joint made by Politeknik.
Politeknik expansion joints and electrofilters Small-diameter general productions of Politeknik.
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