Testing and Measurement Technology for the Power Industry


BAUR provides reliable cable and oil diagnostics and testing for power networks and plants.

Cable fault location, testing and diagnostics for the power industry

Cable networks can often experience expensive faults which need to be quickly and safely located and fixed. BAUR products provide on-site support for the full testing process.

The company's products cover all network requirements and contribute to profits by maintaining expensive underground cables.

BAUR testing equipment undergoes a yearly calibration to ensure the quality of measurements in the long term. The company carries out regulation tests calibration and issues calibration certificates in compliance with the EN 17025 standard.

Cable test and fault-finding vans

BAUR supplies cable test vans for use in the location and testing of faults. The systems can carry out diagnostic tests and fault location simultaneously.

They are also ergonomically designed and can be installed in any small van up to 3.5t in size. The systems can be upgraded at any time to meet customer requirements.

Testing systems for vans are fully enclosed, making them safe to touch.

The company has years of experience using standard systems that provide both fault prelocation and discovery, as well as diagnostics and testing.

Insulating oil testing

Oil is used in the power industry to insulate electrical systems, but as the oil ages and gains impurities it loses its temperature controlling properties. The testing and maintenance of insulating oils is regulated nationally and internationally.

BAUR testing devices cover all major text procedures and can guarantee a reliable and precise result.

Technical support and maintenance

After-sales services will answer any client questions on BAUR products and services. The service provides direct contact with engineers, who can provide advice and support at every stage of a power plant's lifespan.

BAUR testing devices will provide high-quality results when kept in optimum working condition. The company provides regular maintenance and repairs after failure or damages to increase the lifespan of all BAUR products.

Engineer training

BAUR engineers and technical staff are trained to use all testing devices safely and to produce the best quality results. Training sessions are carried out at the BAUR training centre, or can be held on-site at customer workshops.

About BAUR

BAUR supplies testing and measurement technology to power plants, public utility companies, network operators, and industrial companies worldwide.

The company has representatives in 90 countries and produces over 120 diagnostic products, ensuring a fast and reliable service.

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