Checkers Safety Group

Ground-Based Safety Solutions for the Power Industry

Checkers Safety Group is a leading manufacturer of ground-based safety solutions.

Ground protection, vehicle safety and cable protection products for the power industry

Checkers offers a wide range of products, manufactured from premium materials for optimal performance.

Available products include ground protection, cable protection, vehicle safety products, and floor matting. Checkers manufactures well-known brands, such as Notrax Mats, TuffTrak Ground Protection Solutions, Monster Motion Safety, and Linebacker Cable Protection.

Checkers products are used in a variety of industries, including utilities and transmission, oil and gas, mining, facility protection and maintenance, landscaping, entertainment, janitorial and sanitation, and military.

The TuffTrak brand is frequently used in the utilities, transmission, and construction industries, as Checkers' access matting is critical to reaching remote areas for maintenance. With aggressive tread patterns, heavy-duty construction and a polyethylene construction, Checkers' 'big mats' are portable yet tough enough to support heavy equipment.

TuffTrak ground protection solutions

Ground protection mats are a critical safety solution in the power, utilities, transmission, oil and gas industries, and landscaping. .
TuffTrak mats are manufactured from composite material, making them more durable.

The TuffTrak line features both heavy-duty mats intended for use with heavy equipment, and medium-duty mats that provide trucks and construction equipment easy access in any terrain.

TuffTrak mats keep both vehicles and people moving with traction patterns designed to maximize safety.

Linebacker cable protection and management systems

The Linebacker brand is comprised of cable management systems, cable ramps, and hose bridges.

The company's wide variety of modular cable protection systems are designed to prevent damage to cables and hoses, and protect pedestrians from slips, trips, and falls. They are used in a multitude of industries, from power and utilities to entertainment.

Cable protectors are built with durable polyurethane, ensuring they are strong yet light. This makes Linebacker cable protectors easier to handle and set up, all without sacrificing durability which gives products a much longer life span.

Models offered include hinged lids, drop-overs, open-top and low-profile models to ensure protection is available for every type of cable and application from heavy-duty mining to indoor offices.

Monster Motion Safety

The Monster Motion product line includes solutions designed for 'motion-related' activities, including vehicular and pedestrian traffic safety.

A broad selection of products fall under the Monster brand, including wheel chocks, barricade lights, warning whips, industrial beacons and strobes, vehicle identification signs, parking lot safety solutions, and composite cribbing.

Monster's solutions are manufactured from high-quality materials and incorporate industry tested methods, allowing Checkers to create durable safety solutions.

Used in mine sites worldwide, Checkers' chocks are known for their simplicity and durability. Strong and light weight chocks are easy to install, keeping both employees and equipment safe.

Parking lot safety solutions, including curbs, speed humps and bumps, are designed with premium, recycled, durable rubber to ensure a the highest level of performance.

Notrax mats for professional use

Notrax mats can be used in a range of applications, including anti-fatigue and entrance matting.

The mats stop dirt and debris at the door, reducing cleaning times and costs.

Ergonomic anti-fatigue mats also feature thick padding to alleviate strain and prevent injuries by increasing circulation.

Checkers' manufacturing practices guarantee that Notrax mats are resilient in high-traffic areas and ensure facilities are kept clean and safe.

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