Coil Innovation Air-Core Reactor Solutions

Coil Innovation designs and manufactures air-core dry-type reactors for electric power transmission & distribution systems and electrical plant power systems.

Founded in July 2004 as a private limited company, the core operational team holds the majority of the company’s shares, with the remainder controlled by two strategic partners, both of whom are suppliers to Coil.

Coil Innovation facilities

In May 2005, production started on new production facilities in Eferding, Upper Austria, to manufacture power inductors.

Following a number of upgrades, the facilities now contain approximately 5,000m² (~ 54,000ft²) of production area and 1,000m² (~ 11,000ft²) for office space.

Coil Innovation opened its US headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina, in November 2013 in order to work directly with US customers.

Company’s product range

The company’s product range includes:

  • Static var compensation (SVC) reactors for industrial and utility applications
  • Reactors for high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) transmission, including HVDC smoothing reactors
  • Reactors for voltage sourced converters (VSC)
  • Fixed shunt reactors
  • Current limiting and low-flow reactors for transmission and distribution voltage levels
  • PLC reactors and line traps
  • Neutral grounding reactors
  • Reactors for mechanical switched capacitors with damping network (MSCDN)s
  • Filter reactors
  • In-rush current limiting and damping reactors
  • Tapped series reactors for electric arc furnaces
  • DC smoothing reactors for industrial applications

The maximum physical air-core reactor dimensions that Coil’s facilities can operate with are windings with a diameter of 4m, height of 4m and weight of 30t per single unit.

Quality and Innovation

Coil Innovation’s products have been praised by international clients for their innovative capabilities. Clients who visit the company’s reactor production facilities in Eferding have been universally impressed with the innovation, quality of design and production of air-core dry-type reactors.

Coil uses 3D-CAD software in the reactor design process, as well as patented winding production technology that uses integrated online-conductor processing techniques.

The online-conductor processing includes an adaptive control system, which links the winding machine and the conductor shaping unit. This produces a compact design and accurate dimensions.

Coil Innovation developments

Coil has invested in the development of low-noise reactors and modern acoustic measurement tools. By using powerful harmonic current sources, Coil is able to simulate operational loads and provide reliable acoustic measurements.

Furthermore Coil Innovation has developed a new support structure technology for mitigating high seismic forces on large reactors installed in earthquake prone areas.

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