• Inside the Caribbean’s only nuclear reactor

    Jamaica operates the Caribbean’s only nuclear reactor as part of a research project at the University of West Indies (UWI). On a recent visit, the International Atomic Energy Agency applauded...

  • Destination Kazakhstan

    Construction of the IAEA’s long-awaited low-enriched uranium bank is finally complete, and the bank was officially opened during a ceremony in Kazakhstan. Future Power Technology visited the facility to find...

  • Future Power Technology: Issue 92

    In this issue: Kazakhstan’s uranium bank, Dogger Bank wind titan, the wave energy saving coral, intellectual property rights, cybersecurity, millennial consumers, and more

  • Future Power Technology: Issue 91

    In this issue: solar power for Syria, restoring abandoned hydropower in Tajikistan, the failure of clean coal, Caribbean nuclear, UK tidal, wireless power transference and more

  • Future Power Technology: Issue 90

    In this issue: In this issue: Industrial beauty, trouble for Toshiba nuclear, a seawater-freshwater hybrid, US states stand up for climate action, blockchain utility switching, new CCS material, and more

  • The IAEA’s LEU Bank opens in Kazakhstan

    The IAEA has officially opened its LEU bank in Kazakhstan, a facility which will soon provide a safe and assured supply of nuclear fuel for member states. Molly Lempriere attended...

  • Macron’s France: where now for nuclear power?

    French President Emmanuel Macron’s election campaign included a promise to cut nuclear power generation from 72% to 50% by 2025. But reports now suggest that this goal may be impossible...

  • Future Power Technology: Issue 89

    In this issue: Hydrogen as low-carbon fuel, offshore wind islands, the Northern Pass project, air batteries, renewable energy at cost price, French nuclear, and more