• Austin Energy: America’s solar storage test bed

    Texan public utility Austin Energy is collaborating with a host of industry partners to test and demonstrate distributed solar energy storage technologies under the US Department of Energy’s SHINES initiative....

  • CCell: the energy to save coral

    Zyba, a British wave energy start-up and Clean + Cool 2017 mission alumnus, has built a unique wave energy device that can also help restore coral reefs and protect coastlines...

  • Future Power Technology: Issue 92

    In this issue: Kazakhstan’s uranium bank, Dogger Bank wind titan, the wave energy saving coral, intellectual property rights, cybersecurity, millennial consumers, and more

  • Future Power Technology: Issue 91

    In this issue: solar power for Syria, restoring abandoned hydropower in Tajikistan, the failure of clean coal, Caribbean nuclear, UK tidal, wireless power transference and more