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Gamma camera: Re-imagining radiation monitoring

Engineers at the Fukushima plant in Japan are using UK company Createc’s N-Visage camera and imaging system to model radiation in 3D and improve safety as they work to decommission the facility’s stricken reactors. Adam Leach profiles N-Visage and charts Createc’s future plans for nuclear decommissioning technology.

As onshore wind subsidies disappear, can O&M dull the pain?

The UK Government’s decision to end onshore wind subsidies a year earlier than originally planned has been met with anger from industry and renewable energy supporters, who warn that it could wreak havoc on the sector. If companies and contractors providing operations and maintenance services do not want to lose out, they must take on the challenge of cutting costs to reduce the impact.

Rooftop solar: when the subsidies go down

After first vowing to usher in a new revolution in rooftop solar in the UK, the government has slashed a series of subsidies and support mechanisms that have left the industry claiming its very existence is under threat. But with new entrants into the market and the promise of game-changing technologies, has the installation of solar panels on UK homes really had its day?

Full spectrum: the power of ‘invisible’ light

Could solar panels be built to harness the energy contained in the invisible part of the light spectrum? The question intrigued researchers from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh whose findings in this area opened up exciting opportunities in improving efficiency. Adam Leach speaks to the researcher to find out more about the potential of ‘invisible’ light for solar power.

Out with the old, in with the new: what Mexican TVs have to do with improving efficiency

The Mexican government is in the process of distributing 14 million brand new television sets to some of its poorest citizens in preparation for its ‘digital switchover’. But with every other government before opting to save money by simply improving older sets how can they make the added expense pay?

A Guiding Light: renewables add new shine to street lights

Researchers in Spain have developed an ‘autonomous’ street lamp with integrated solar and wind turbine technology. Wholly renewable and 20% cheaper than current public lighting systems, the development is the latest in a long line of innovations aimed at reducing grid reliance of street lighting. We profile some of the most exciting examples.

Europe’s largest battery creates a buzz in Bedfordshire

Trials at the Smarter Network Storage facility, the largest electricity storage facility of its type in Europe, began last year with a view to assessing the giant battery over the next two years. Conducted in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire in the UK, the trial will assess the value of energy storage across the system. So how does it work? We took a closer look to find out exactly how a system of this kind operates.

Dutch courage: rational thought fuels emissions reduction

In the eyes of tomorrow, the ruling of three Dutch judges that its own government’s emissions target is illegal may well be seen as a ‘landmark’ and ‘milestone’ but today it is a welcome interjection of rational thought in an often irrational debate.

The US and China – united on energy?

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has issued $12.5m in funding towards the US-China Clean Energy Research Centre, an amount China will match, to address the water-related aspects of energy production and use. Set up to increase collaboration and open opportunities for mutual research, the centre is tasked with nothing less than to ‘ensure our collective energy and water security’. So what has the project achieved and how have relations improved because of it?

Startin’ somethin’ solar: Akon looks to light up Africa

Having achieved fame and fortune as a chart topping rap star in the US, Akon is now seeking to combine his profile with solar technology to broaden access to electricity by fronting a company that is establishing the infrastructure and skills to take solar power to isolated communities in his African heartland.