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Senior writer Dave Keating is a US journalist and conference moderator covering European affairs from Brussels, with a focus on environment and energy. He has worked for France24 and Forbes. Contact Dave at: dave.keating [at]

Dave Keating


New EU law aims to give Europe the ‘greenest batteries in the world’

A new EU battery regulation has become law following final agreement by MEPs and national governments. Can it reduce Europe’s dependence on foreign battery makers for electric vehicles and consumer goods?

Health vs climate? How an EU chemical ban could hinder the energy transition

The chemicals industry says an overly broad ban on PFAS, nicknamed “forever chemicals”, would hinder development of cleantech like electric cars, heat pumps and hydrogen.

Ostend summit’s windy words mask deeper divisions

Nine North Sea countries have signed the Ostend Declaration to increase offshore wind power capacity to 300GW by 2050 – but disagreements continue over where wind farms should be placed, where equipment should be sourced from and the role of nuclear power.

Nuclear fusion ‘could be plugged into the grid in ten years’

A US nuclear fusion project says it will be ready for commercialisation by the early 2030s, as governments and companies rush to invest following a successful experiment in the US. However, some are sceptical of that timeline and argue the money would be better spent on renewables.

North Sea Summit sets course for more offshore wind power

Leaders from the largest-ever coalition around energy in the North Sea are expected to announce increased offshore wind power ambition at a summit today.

Britain passes the buck on wind power

The UK government says it has ended its moratorium on onshore wind power in England. But by devolving permitting decisions to local level, has it added an even higher hurdle for new projects?

A push for renewables-fuelled electrification to bring down emissions

Joana Freitas from Portugal’s electric utility EDP Generation underlines electrification and the phase-out of coal for climate action.

COP27: Deep geothermal “superhot rock energy” could be key to climate action

New technologies such as “superhot rock” deep geothermal energy need recognition and public funding, says Terra Rogers of the Clean Air Task Force.

EU green taxonomy survives but not unscathed

The European Parliament has approved an EU proposal deeming gas and nuclear “green” investments, but the controversy around the taxonomy means investors may hesitate to use it.

Opinion: REPowerEU cannot decide if it is a climate or fossil plan

European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen was keen to highlight that 95% of the financing mobilised in this week’s EU package will be for clean energy. Look under the hood, however, and it seems to be weighted towards replacing Russian fossil fuels with other fossil fuels.